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Modern harpsichord music works

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Title Composer Year Instrumentation
Title Composer Year Instrumentation
Lengas dai frus di sera Daniele Venturi 2009 soprano, countertenor, harspichord, violin I, violin II, cello, harp, electronics
Les Guirlandes Ruggero Laganà 1980 harpsichord
Les Nouvelles Baricades op. 86 Fulvio Caldini 2001 harpsichord
Les Petites Guirlandes Ruggero Laganà 1989 harpsichord
Les soupirs de Rameau Jacob ter Veldhuis 1995 harpsichord , electronics
Les Tourbillons Fabrizio De Rossi Re 1991 harpsichord, flute
Loutra Photos Matteo Ramon Arevalos 2004 harpsichord
Lucifer's Sun Vanessa Lann 2001 bass clarinet , harpsichord
Lunarium Julia Purgina 2011 Harpsichord
M51 Cristian Gentilini 2010 flute in G, harpsichord
Mariolina Mario Bertoncini 1970 harpsichord
Middenmeer Nathalie Boogers 2007 harpsichord
Minotauro Eugenio Colombo 1998 harpsichord
Momentum Roderik de Man 1991 bass clarinet , tape, harpsichord
Morning Piece Guido Donati 1993 harpsichord/clavicord
Morte Patricio Wang 1994 2 harpsichords , electric bass guitar
Murder in the Dark Klaas de Vries 1985 harpsichord
Musica per harpsicembalo Jurriaan Andriessen 1987 harpsichord
Mythos Willem Jeths 1992 harpsichord
Naama Iannis Xenakis 1984 solo harpsichord